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Reidel Lobe

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Recently I went for an Upper G-I because of upper right quadrant pain, burning and acid reflux.

Mild esophageal reflux was diagnosed but the radiologist also noted that the right lobe of my liver extended below the right ileac crest representing a so-called Reidel Lobe representing a normal variant.

I have had numerous UGIs, abdominel CT scans and ultrasounds done over the years and have never been told about this variance in my liver. I am 14 years post laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Can a Reidel Lobe develop over time or is this a congenital variation?

If it existed previously wouldn't it have been noted in previous radiological reports?

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    • i believe Reidel's lobe is a congenital normal anatomical varient, i have it as well. it was recently picked up on a CT scan. but, i also have 3 masses. one of which is an ademona...good luck.
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